Anatoly Burykin

Tel : +43 676 4533989

Anatoli Bourykine was born in Moscow on 19 August 1952.
He studied at the Institute of Architecture in Moscow
where, having completed his studies, he taught drawing.
He has contributed artistically to several books and magazines,
among which is Severnye Prostory, a magazine for the people
of Northern Russia. He has travelled widely in this area and
has learned a great deal about the art and culture of the reindeer breeders.
In the course of his artistic career, Anatoli Bourykine has illustrated books
and designed posters for the cinema in Moscow.
His paintings have been exhibited in Rovanijemie and Helsinki (Finland),
Paris (France), Vienna (Austria), Padova and Sarmede (Italy).
For the last seventeen years he has lived in Vienna where he paints.

The paintings are manged by:

la Galerie Visio Dell’Arte
Max Laniado
13, rue de Miromesnil, 75008 Paris
Tel : 0142650531

la Galerie Am Roten Hof
Vera Weber
Piaristengasse 1/II, 1080 Wien
Tel : +43 1 4063107

la Galerie VIAarte
Christian Xell
Geibelgasse 14-16, 1150 Wien
Tel : +43 664 1599550